In this edition of ASK BOB, Bob Brennaman answers questions on the new neighborhood, Awendaw Village in north Mt. Pleasant. Awendaw Village is a gated enclave surrounded from nearby Francis Marion Forest, combining amenities of town living with a country feel.
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Hey Yall! Bob Brennaman back with you again today and we’re covering a new neighborhood in what is not really Mt. Pleasant but is tied very closely to Mt. Pleasant….a town called Awendaw. Awendaw is located, again, north of Mt. Pleasant. You have access to Mt. Pleasant through Awendaw and it’s rural but it’s being rapidly developed and the neighborhood we’re profiling today is Awendaw Village. It’s being built by Cline Homes which many of ya’ll know if you’ve talked to me or watched some of my other videos, I’m a big fan of what Cline does. I think they build great houses and I personally would buy one of their houses in a heartbeat, so I definitely recommend them as builders. It’s being built, again like I said in Awendaw which was named after …a little history stuff and you can read more if you want more of the history. I always think to throw some of that in is cool, when you’re talking about Charleston. It was named after the Sewee American Indians. It was first settled in 1696. It’s a very old settlement. Like I said if you are history buffs I recommend that you read about the history of Awendaw. It’s some interesting reading. Awendaw Village combines the amenities of suburban living with a rural feel basically. Brand news houses and they’re situated on about 100 acres of land so it’s a lot of land for 41 total houses….the plan to build. Lots range from .5 acre all the way to .8 or so and all back up to protected woodlands that would never be developed or so that’s what I’m told at the cutting of this video. Home sizes range from 2,500 square foot range all the way up to 4,000 square feet. And prices range from $600K on up to the mid $7K. It’s probably depending on when you get in with the price point. Some of the houses have master down. If you’ve ever talked to me in person or watched my videos, you know I’m a big fan of buying a master down. I always think exit strategy with real estate and it’s going to be easier long term to resale a house with a master down. I think that’s important and you may need it at some point. The number of bedrooms, 3-4 bedrooms. Kind of standard. 2-3.5 baths. Ten foot ceilings on the main floor, 9 feet on the second floor. Coffered ceilings, you’ve got some shiplap, you’ve got good build-ins. Nice high-end kitchens. I think honestly for the money, it’s a pretty good value. It is a little further out so I think that’s the one thing you have to factor if you’re considering Awendaw Village is the amount of time it could take you to get to and from your job. If you’re living in Mt. Pleasant, your kids are going to school in Mt. Pleasant, you’re retired in Mt. Pleasant, I think it’s a good alternative to some of these more tight neighborhoods as far as houses next to you. Phase I is going to have about 14 homesites. All of those will have use of the village pond which you’re probably seeing in this video. The other phase is going to be built after they get the 14 homesites and homes sold. So the long term of it, I think it’s really good. One thing to keep in mind….if you have kids that are school age and you’re considering Awendaw Village, is the elementary and grade school are St. James. St. James is….I’ll let you do the research on it, but it’s not the Mt. Pleasant schools. For high school, you do get access to Wando High School which is typically in the top 15-20 public high schools in the the United States, year in and year out. Again, I’m Bob Brennaman. I’m a long time resident of this area and I love to talk about Charleston or anything related to this area. Whether restaurants, schools, things to do when you come on vacation for that matter. You can call me, 843.345.6074 and you can always check out our website which is devoted to Mt. Pleasant, Awendaw’s sister city, which is and our main website for all of Charleston is If you like our videos, make sure you hit the ‘subscribe’ button down on the right hand corner of your screen. We’d love for you to join us on Youtube on a regular basis and again, call me anytime. Hope ya’ll have a great week and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye ya’ll!