Welcome to this edition of ASK BOB. In this video, Bob Brennaman describes a new neighborhood in Mt. Pleasant SC…Liberty Hill Farm. If you would like for find out more about Liberty Hill Farm or any other neighborhoods in Mt. Pleasant and the entire area of Charleston SC, please contact
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Hey Guys! Bob Brennaman back with you and I’m a realtor in Charleston South Carolina today. I’m sitting in Mount Pleasant South Carolina. I’m gonna cover a neighborhood that’s soon to be built in central Mount Pleasant which is called Liberty Hill Farm and Liberty Hill Farms is a neighborhood that’s being built by a builder that’s built a lot I think in the Midwest, who has recently started building here. The name is K Hovnanian homes and I think I’m pronouncing that right….if I did thanks to Bull who corrected me on Youtube the last time I cut a video about them so K Hovnanian homes and they are building like I said Liberty Hill Farms. It’s located directly off of Rifle Range Road in Mount Pleasant and they’re building single-family homes, town homes and eventually some lots. It’s going to be developed in two phases and they’re supposed to start in the end of November mid-November of 2020 with some single-family houses and then the construction would actually begin or start selling in November. I guess some reservations in November or late 2020 and then early 2021, they’re gonna start actually building some houses. 2100 to around 3500 square feet is the range for the single families. Lots of lakes, walking trails. It’s close to a lot of shopping and dining in Mount Pleasant so you’ve got good access to the Towne Centre which has about 60 shops and Seaside Farms which many of you know houses one of my favorite restaurants in all of Charleston which is Opal. So Liberty Hill Farms, I think it has a lot of potential. I mean a lot of the the architectural styles you’ll probably see in this video are the elevated Lowcountry style house where you park under which I think is always popular for a lot of people. So I would say it’s a great neighborhood that’s going to be built out…it’ll probably take five to six, seven years before it’s completely done so it’ll be interesting to see for me, personally, what it does to Rifle Range road. Rifle Range Road which is an alternate road to Hwy 17 which I use a lot and it’s going to put more cars on that road. How that’s going to affect the traffic flow…that’s a good question. I know the town of Mt. Pleasant has been very good about developing more arteries to get through Mount Pleasant and I think they’ll probably do the same thing with Liberty Hill Farms. Again, close to the Isle of Palms Connector, so you’re 10 minutes or so from the Isle of Palms beach and your schools at present cutting this video are maybe Whitesides for a grade school, Laing for middle school and you’ve got Wando is the high school right now. If in closing this video I would say if you’re going to go; whether it’s this builder or any other builder I think it’s very important have a buyer’s agent whether that’s me or not, it’s up to you, but I think you want somebody who’s not drinking the ‘kool-aid’. Somebody who can see things and and looks at things, not from the builder’s reps perspective a lot of times but from a perspective that’s in your best interest. So I always recommend a buyer’s rep if you deal with new construction. Again my name is Bob Brennaman. I’m a realtor and a long time resident of this area and I’d love to talk about Charleston or Mount pleasant or anywhere in the area. So if you want to call me you can reach me at 843-345-6074 and you can always check out our website devoted to Mount Pleasant which is and you can visit our main website for all of Charleston which is If you like our videos, be sure to click down on the right hand side of the video. Should be a subscribe button and we’d love to have you watch more videos and if you need anything, give me a call. Have a great day y’all!