In this edition of JUST SOLD, Bob Brennaman tours a beautiful town home purchased by clients in Carolina Park, Mt. Pleasant SC. We are always ready to assist you in finding a lovely home in the Charleston area! Contact THE BRENNAMAN GROUP: 843.345.6074 – [email protected]

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Hey Guys! Bob Brennaman Here. I’m a realtor in Mt. Pleasant and today we’re going to take you on a tour of a town home we recently sold. This is our ‘JUST SOLD with Bob’ episode and we’re covering a town home we sold in Carolina Park and I hope you guys enjoy. All right, Let’s go check this out. Like I mentioned in the beginning, this is a townhome and it is in Carolina Park. This home as you’ll see in a minute has had a lot of upgrades done. And people who owned this are moving to be closer to their kids and my clients are moving down from the great state of Illinois. So the thing I like about this is the big open space. And I’ll pan to show you what I’m talking about. But they put in plantation shutters which are nice…about $300 a window. A light fixture upgrading. The thing I like about this particular floor plan is the master is down. I say it all the time. Sometimes I think I say it too much but if you have an option to buy a master downstairs, it’s a great call. It’s going to re-sell better and you’re going to find that people of all ages, especially as the population ages…they want a master down. And we’ll show you that in just a second. So you’ve got a powder bath. You’ve got a little ship-lap on the walls there. Then, it’s alley fed so you park in the back. It’s got a little bit of shelving built in. Good space. This unit is right next to the amenities center so you’re walking distance to the pool, the tennis courts. A nice little patio area. Obviously something you wouldn’t have to do a lot of maintenance to, the exterior is taken care of by the HOA. I believe that is Silestone countertops. And then this is something that I think is pretty cool. I think it’s what helped these people sell this house. The reason my buyers liked it so much…..the upgrades. They took this pantry and expanded it and turned it into, not only a place to store things, but a place to entertain from. Got a bar area, shelving. And before I take you guys upstairs, we will go into the master. This is a solid floor. It is not wood, it is a composite which again we’re seeing built in a lot of these houses around here. In this environment, we have heating and cooling. It’s super hot in the summer and then cools off and that causes expansion joints to kind of split. Nothing structural or really to worry about but it is something that cosmetically, people are annoyed by at times. I think it’s something you can fix by putting in an engineered flooring. So master bath, nice big tile, large walk-in shower. This one does not have a tub. A lot of people are honestly, opting not to put in tubs in master’s these days, depending on the price point. Nice size closet. I believe this is the water closet. All right let’s walk upstairs. My clients should be here soon. It’s our final walk through. so I got here a few minutes early and just grabbed this for ya’ll to see what we’re closing today. Then you come up the stairs and you’ve got this big loft area…kind of an open area. Same hard wood from downstairs…that they brought upstairs. Crown molding continued up here. Pretty decent size baseboards. That’s a storage closet in the middle and then you’ve got the bedrooms. They’re going to be ‘Jack & Jill’. And closets and again carrying the hardwoods throughout is a great call. I think that helps you get your house sold. If you’re wanting some tips on how to get your house ready for the market, I’m certainly happy to share some of my knowledge with you. And, then, shower- tub combo and then basically a mirror of the room we just walked out of. Then out to the neighbors. All right, guys. That is a wrap. If you want to talk about real estate in Mt. Pleasant or anywhere in Charleston for that matter, you can reach me, Bob Brennaman at 843.345.6074 and you can always check our website devoted to Mt. Pleasant, which is or our website devoted to all of Charleston which is Till next time ya’ll!!