In this edition of JUST SOLD, Bob Brennaman takes you through a home on McCants Drive in Old Mt. Pleasant that he recently sold.

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Text: We’re here with another episode of JUST SOLD and Just Sold is a series we’ve been doing that covers houses that we’ve recently sold. And today, we’re going to take you through a house on McCants Drive in Old Mt. Pleasant that borders the Old Village. Many of you, if you know anything about this area, The Village and Old Mt. Pleasant are really prime places to live. Places that are areas that I’ve lived in, probably half the time I’ve been in Charleston or half the time in Mt. Pleasant and it’s a great central location. You’re 5 minutes to the beaches of Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island and about 10 minutes to downtown Charleston. You’ve got multiple ways to get in and out of here. Shem Creek is just down the street from here. Charleston Harbor is just over my shoulder to the right. So a great place to walk, schools are nearby. You’ve got a grade and a middle school that your kids can ride their bikes to, so this is a great area. The house we’re going to walk through today is a new build basically. What they did, is they took the old house, scrapped it, left the foundation, shored up the foundation and built the house we’re standing in today. All brand new and the house is going to be closing in the mid $800 K’s and it’s 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and is about 2300 square feet. We’ll start out here. You can see my car parked in the…it doesn’t have a garage here. You can see back through the trees, another new construction house. There’s a lot of new houses being built. This butts up against the church. Gives you some extra privacy, except on Sunday, that you wouldn’t get. And down that way is Charleston Harbor. Looking that way is toward downtown Charleston and back behind us, if you fly straight, Sullivan’s Island is about 2.5 miles in that direction. Let’s start with the tour. You’ve got the hanging area for book bags and anything else. Laundry room right in front of you. This is kind of a neat flooring. It looks like its textured. Looks like it’s made out of some type of cloth, or thread. But it’s actually tile. So you walk in…this is one of the selling points of this house. I think one of the reasons my clients purchased it was this large family room. Lots of light. Will kind of pan through it right here. It’s got a fireplace. Nice high doorway. And then, good high end kitchen. It’s got a NXR range. Something else that’s making a comeback, it’s interesting, is the brass. But I think, this is not as…I’ll show you the light fixtures. I think it’s something that looks really good in these houses. You’re starting to see it in a lot of the more expensive houses. But we know styles change and things change but right now, I think it looks really good. I think before I take you into the bedrooms around the house, let’s step outside. You’ve got these nice french doors that lead out to the porch. And you can see again, new construction through there. You’ve got the older houses. That’s one of the things you’ve got to get your head around in Old Mt. Pleasant and the Old Village, is there is a varying degree of architectural styles but this area, to me, is a pristine place to live. It’s so well located and I love the times that I’ve lived in this part of Mt. Pleasant. So, you’ve got a little foyer, hallway and then down to the master bedroom. Nice tall windows, which I think is always cool. See the floors are a wood composite which is really popular these days down here because it doesn’t shrink; contract and expand like regular wood. And that’s a pocket door. In this case, they decided to go with the solid doors which is good. So you walk up and you’ve got this little bump out. This is kind of a popular thing that we’re seeing with houses today, is just an extra space for TV, maybe kids to do homework, that type of thing. And this is one of the bathrooms. The subway tile, if you listen to me talk enough, I’m a pretty big fan of. It’s pretty timeless. So off of the bathroom you’ve got one bedroom. Then you’ve got a couple of more bedrooms. You’ve got one down here that’s kind of a narrow bedroom. Some good windows. Then you’ve got the fourth bedroom. It has an en-suite bathroom. That’s a wrap of JUST SOLD. If you want to talk about anything related to Mt. Pleasant or the Charleston area, you can call me, Bob Brennaman at 843.345.6074 and you can always check out our website devoted to Mt. Pleasant which is, or our main website, Till next time, Ya’ll!