In this edition of ASK BOB, Bob Brennaman takes you on a tour of The Daniel Island Waterfront. This beautiful new development, under construction now, will be the ultimate in waterfront living. Planned to be developed in 5 phases, Bob explains the process and what the end result will be.
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Hey Guys! Bob Brennaman. I’m back here with you today. I’m very excited to be back with you and today we’re going to cover a new development on Daniel Island. It’s called the Waterfront. And the Waterfront is at the end of River Landing Drive on Daniel Island. It sits up against the Wando River. I know many of you have seen my videos over the years and we’ve talked in person on the phone. They’ve long planned to build the biggest marina in the Southeast out there. But as things tend to change in real estate, they shelved that plan some time ago and they’ve decided to come out with what is know as the Waterfront. And they’ve just started construction so the video you’re going to watch today is just going to be some of the construction and some architectural renderings of the neighborhood and how they plan for it to look. They are out of the ground right now. They expect to start taking contracts, at least, from my sources, the early part of 1st quarter 2020 but I always say the developers always miss, so I would say, the middle part of 2020 they’ll start looking to take contracts. There’s going to be 5 phases. This is just phase 1. Phase 1 is going to encompass 58 residences. You’re going to have 33 garden residences, 12 manor houses and 13 town homes. Price ranges for that are going to go from the $800 K’s to almost $2 million, $1.8 million my notes say. And then there’s going to be 3 -one bedroom units; those will be priced in the $400 K’s to $500 K range. And this is just Phase 1. River Landing Village is also part of the Waterfront. River Landing Village is basically the commercial part of it. They’ll develop this in phases as well. The first part of it is suppose to have, according to what my notes say, about 14,000 square feet of retail. That’s going to be restaurants, some rental for smaller businesses. The thing that I really like about this, first of all, it’s a beautiful setting. If any of ya’ll have ever been down there. It’s spectacular. They’ve got the water taxi’s running from that spot to downtown Charleston. And they’ve finally got one that’s covered so you can go in rain or bad weather. So that’s a plus. You can take a water taxi and be in downtown Charleston from there. A lot of people I know that work in Charleston are using that ferry service, which is kind of cool. There’s going to be a tie-in to walking trails, there’s going to be a tie-in to other restaurants. There’s suppose to be a roof top restaurant and bar in one of the buildings, so you’re going to have nice, expansive views of the Wando River. This project is being done by East West Partners. And East West Partners is a Colorado based company. And they’ve developed a good number in Charleston. The two that come to mind right now are The Tides, which are in Mt. Pleasant. Beautiful, kind of modern looking condos that are at the foot of the Ravenel Bridge, looking over the Wando River toward Charleston. And then they also have just finished up The Gadsden, which is in downtown Charleston. And I really like both of those projects. They really do a phenomenal job and I expect this project will come out the same way. As I mentioned, 5 phases of this. It’s going to be a 12 year build-out. And I would say, if you’re interested in waterfront property on Daniel Island, this is a project you really should look at. I think it has; it’s obviously not priced cheap; but in the long term is going to be a winner. The Daniel Island Company has done a phenomenal job. In closing, I’ll remind you, as you’re going to check out the neighborhoods, it’s certainly fine to go by yourself. When it comes time to do your contract on something you want a buyer’s agent. That can be me, that can be another buyer’s agent. You want somebody that’s representing you that’s not drinking the kool-aid. I would recommend that. If you want to talk about Daniel Island, you want to talk about Charleston or heck, if you just want to find out where to go to eat when you come here on vacation, I’m Bob Brennaman and I’m more than happy to talk to you. You can reach me at 843.345.6074 and you can check out our website which is devoted to Daniel Island, You can also check out our main website which is devoted to all of Charleston which is . Till next time, ya’ll!!